Before and After Ice Blasting
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Why use dry ice blasting?
You may already know that dry ice blasting is an effective way to clean solid and malleable contaminants from almost any surface, but dry ice blasting is more than just an advanced method for industrial cleaning. It is widely adaptable to a broad range of industries including electrical utilities, food manufacturing, foundry, and pulp and paper production, and it has many added benefits:

Decreased Downtime
Dry ice can be used to clean in place because it disappears on contact with targeted surfaces eliminating harmful grit entrapment common with traditional industrial cleaning methods. With dry ice blasting, many time-consuming, labor-intensive steps are eliminated, including cool down, disassembly, transport to and from a dedicated cleaning area, and reassembly. In addition, reheating time is reduced substantially. Downtime, once measured in hours, or even days, is measured in minutes with dry ice lasting.

Eliminates Equipment Damage
CO2 blasting does not wear away the targeted surface as traditional grit media and wire brushes do. Surface integrity and critical tolerances are preserved extending the life of equipment cleaned by dry ice blasting.

Reduce Waste Disposal
When removing hazardous materials and other waste, other blasting media, such as sand, beads, or soda, mix with the contaminant and all must be disposed of. Because dry ice sublimates on impact, all that must be disposed of is the contaminant itself.

Superior Clean
Dry ice blasting effectively removes all waste material from targeted surfaces and retards bacterial growth. Yet, because of its chemical make-up, it can also be used on even the most delicate components, such as insulated wiring.

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