On June 22, 2011, floodwaters from the Souris River destroyed 4100 homes, or 1/4th of the housing in the city of Minot, North Dakota. Among the homes destroyed was the home of a single mother with two children named Becky. Like many, Becky was given poor advice regarding the upcoming severity of the flood and lost many possessions, including the possession most dear to her heart - her home.

::Becky's Story::
6 ½ years ago, following the collapse of her personal life, Becky found herself alone due to factors beyond her control. Starting over with a 2½-year-old daughter and next to nothing, Becky began the long journey toward rebuilding her life and creating a better future for herself and for her children. Her journey included the securing of stable employment, building a network of supportive people, wise financial decisions, and a determination to create a new future for herself and for her children. This future became a vivid reality for Becky with the purchase of her own home in 2006. This home represented a personal victory and a triumph over great adversity. Literally it was a place of stability, safety, a loving environment for herself and for her children, as well as a platform for the future of her family. In short, it was a once unobtainable dream that had now come true.

Your gift of time and expertise can restore this dream and make a significant difference in the life of a young woman and her children. Consider how you might help. Your involvement can bring this gift back to Becky and her children. Thank you for caring so deeply for Becky and all those in need.

Current House Plan

Additional Information

::Becky's Home::
A modest 2 bedroom home with finished basement, purchased in 2006. The home was built in 1947 in what is now considered the historic section of Minot.

::Damage to the House::
Water reached 5 ½ feet on the main floor and remained at that level for 3 weeks. Becky's basement remained filled for more than 6 weeks. Roof trusses were broken due to the severe stress on the home as the basement walls bowed inward creating large cracks and instability for the rest of the structure. The home itself has now been removed.

::Current Financial Situation on the Home::
Becky wisely paid off the mortgage with disaster funds received from FEMA and other sources. Each month Becky is saving an amount equal to her former mortgage payment to be used toward the construction of her new home. Becky did not miss a single day of work due to the flood.

::Where is Becky Living Now?::
Becky and her two children currently live in a FEMA trailer placed next to her demolished home.

::Becky's Need::
A financial package complete with loans and significant personal savings will purchase all the materials for the rebuilding of her home. However, these funds remain insufficient to cover the complete reconstruction costs. With Minot's current inflated labor rates this rebuild remains out of Becky's reach.

::Becky's Education and Employment::
Becky has a degree in Psychology, graduating from Minot State University in 2001. Currently Becky teaches at Minot's Jim Hill Middle School as a Title One Aide and coaches the 8th Grade Girls Volleyball team.

• Kolee, age 9, is a 4th grader at Edison Elementary School in Minot. She likes to play basketball, volleyball and dance. Kolee's a good student, consistently receiving A's and B' s in her classes. Her favorite subject is Math. Kolee has a kind heart, a cheerful personality and is usually the first one to volunteer to help with projects.
• Tayten, age 3, is a typical three-year-old fireball. He likes to run, throw balls, and play sports of all kinds. Tayten is curious, loves to play in water and harass his older sister.

::Other Associations::
Becky and her children are members of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Minot.

We'd like to thank the following people and businesses for assisting Becky in her recovery:

Lutheran Disaster Response of North Dakota
Recovery Warehouse of Minot, ND
Bruce & Lynette Schumaker
Cybil Johnson
Chelsey Stokes
Jesse Schumaker
Kirk & Judy Rosin
Tim Forsch
Truss Systems, Inc, Bismarck
Wayne Friesz
Ahern Rentals, Minot
Randy Koch
R K Electric, Bismarck, ND
Kirkwood Ace Hardware, Bismarck, ND
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Burnsville
Minot AFB 91st Missile Security Forces Squad, Flight 3 and Flight 5
Minot Lumber
Dan Duppong
St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Minot
Hope Village, Minot, ND
1st Congregational Church, Spencer, Iowa
Prairie Design Studio, Horace, ND
Payton Barnes
Richard Brocker
John Zolnai
Christopher Harris

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